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Satellite Dishes ranging from 80cm to 150cm diameters

Digital Terrestrial HD & SD Free To Air Receivers & Antennas

Wide Range of All Sizes of HDMI Cables, Scart Cables, Cat 5 Patch Leads & More

AV/RF Modulator

Many older TVs don't have AV inputs, making connection of modern AV sources a no-go. You can alleviate that problem with an RF modulator: it takes a composite video or S-video AV signal and converts it into an RF signal down the antenna line so that your TV just tunes into the signal as if it were a broadcast TV station. Also very handy for piping AV signals around the home on existing TV antenna cabling, allowing you to view an AV source in multiple rooms around the house without the need to lay new cabling. You can even select which channel to modulate the AV signal into, to avoid interference with any existing signals on your TV antenna line. Modulates signals into the UHF range. Mains plugpack included. 

VU+ All Models Enigma 2 HD Receivers

Vu+ Solo / Vu+ Uno / Vu+ Solo2 / Vu+ Duo / Vu+ Ultimo / Vu+ Duo2

HD & SD Free To Air Receivers

4x1 DiseqC Switches

DiSEqC switches are broadly used products that enable users to receive channels from different satellites

Wide Range Of LNB's Single, Twin, Quad, Octo & Quattro For Multiswitch Systems,

Including the best in the market LNB's INVERTO. 

DiseqC H-H Motors

Compatible with All DiSEqC 1.2 ReceiversDrive Dish up to 1.2M at Very High Speed.
Quick Installation by only One Coaxial Cable
Water Resistant Manual East / West Buttons for Easy Installation
Two LED Indicators for Monitoring the Motor Operation
DiSEqC 1.3/Go To X Functions Compatible
Smart Software Achieves very High Positioning Resolution of 0.1 Degree
Compact Mechanism and Patened ZERO Ultra Low Noise and Low Current Motor / Gear box

18'' Actuator Motors

JAEGER 18" Regular Reed Sensor SUPERJACK

A four cable operated jack with factory set mechanical upper & lower limits.

Stroke Length: 18"
Suggested Dish Size: 1.2-3.6m
Static Load: 1000lbs
Dynamic Load: 550lbs
Speed (Rated Load): 5.6mm/sec
Resolution (Reed): 48 pulse/inch
Resolution (Optical): 125 pulse/inch
Resolution (Potentiometer): 10 turns, 10K Ohm
Input Voltage: 36VDC

  • Anti-rust process: Epoxy power coated steel tube and high grade plated hardware
  • Excellent waterproofing: Provide 2 seals and 3 drain holes
  • Optional weather protection boot and accordion: Tube accordion and motor boot
  • Sensor: Ruthenium plate contacts ensures longer sensor life
  • Hermetically sealed in a clean atmosphere to eliminate ill effects of dust, corrosion or oxidation
  • Advanced design allows no opportunity for sticking, binding or wearing of hinged joints
  • Plastic impregnated for risk free installation and easy to replace

Moteck V-Box Positioners

This Moteck VBoxII is used to position your C band dish. It takes DiSEqC 1.2 commands from your MPEG2 DVB satellite receiver and converts it into 36V pulse and sensor to store positions - can store 99 Positions. It can work as a stand alone positioner or it can accept DiSEqC 1.2 commands from a satellite receiver. Motor. Controls and displays position. Remote control Included.

Wide Range of Cabelcon Compression Connectors